2017 lexus valerian hero01


  • Appearing in 'Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets', the film’s creative team collaborated with Lexus to design and build the SKYJET spacecraft. Ben Mauro, Concept Designer on the movie, first looked at “animals like dolphins, orca, and sharks to create a very fast and aerodynamic-looking spacecraft design.” He also studied man-made objects: “Fighter jets, luxury single-seater submersibles and other aquatic or flying vehicles.” They then worked with Laurent Bouzige, Lexus Designer based at ED2, the Lexus design facility in Nice, France. Bouzige found styling inspiration in the existing Lexus line-up: witness the SKYJET’s grille that is similar to that of the LF-SA Concept. Or its headlights, which Bouzige says, “were inspired by the bold-looking three-projector LED lamp design on the LC sports coupé”. Even the SKYJET’s fuel-cell capsule echoes the Lexus LF-FC concept’s fuel cell technology.